Winshuttle logo

Colors and usage

Logo variations may be used as full color on a white background, black on a white background or white on a black or brand color background.

The logo should never be used over a texture, only carefully placed on a photo and always used in the highest contrast.

It must never be tilted, flipped, reversed, or locked up with other elements not previously approved by marketing.


Always leave as much space as possible around the logo to ensure it’s protected from other objects.

Logo clearspace must be at least the height and width of the leading W.

Product logos

Colors and usage

Product logo variations may be used as full color on a white background or black on a white background.

They may also be used with or without the Corporate Winshuttle logo above the product name.


Product logo clearspace must be at least 2/3 the height or width of the product icon.

SAP & Microsoft Partner logos


Partner logos should always be used in accordance with the SAP and Microsoft branding guidelines that are included in the partner logo pack.

Winshuttle PowerPoint Template


The corporate PowerPoint template should be used to portray the Winshuttle brand in a polished, professional, and consistant way. All colors, imagery, and icons must adhere to Winshuttle visual guidelines.

More Winshuttle Brand resources