Our writing style


The Winshuttle brand voice for our global website is conversational, informative and straightforward. We explain our solutions in a way that’s easy for different audiences to understand what we’re all about. Content on the homepage and around the global navigation is high level, while content that’s deeper on the site is longer form, technical, and more robust.

High-level content

Used on parent pages with a broad focus.

Winshuttle Studio lets you easily upload and download data to and from SAP and Excel, right from your desktop.

Deep-level content

Used on pages with a specific, narrow focus.

Data Governance allows you to create role-based and traceable customer data governance processes that route delivery change requests to different stakeholders for input, review and approval.


How we talk is as important as what we talk about. When you’re thinking about tone, consider the user persona you’re writing for and their state of mind. If you’re writing about the pain customers experience with the journal entry process, use a sympathetic instead of condescending tone.


Growing workloads and manual processes make it challenging for Finance and Accounting teams to get everything posted correctly, on time.


Organizations still using archaic manual entry processes are probably going to be left behind sooner rather than later.

Style tips

  • Use a conversational, friendly tone.
    Example: Simple solutions for those not-so-simple tasks.
  • Be descriptive, thoughtful, and clear.
  • Get to the point quickly.
  • Show confidence but don’t over-promise.
  • Write in 2nd person, ie. “you” language.
    Example: How will you save with Winshuttle? It’s time to find out.
  • Use active tense, not passive.
    Active: Find your new data solution.
    Passive: A new data solution is what they found.
  • Write for a global audience – avoid local slang, acronyms & idioms.
    Examples: Rule of thumb, cut to the chase, hit or miss.
  • Avoid marketing jargon.
    Example: Big data is awesome and revolutionary.
  • When in doubt, follow the AP style guide.


Our brand messaging helps us share the true value of Winshuttle with our customers, prospects, members of the press, and broader SAP community. Here’s how you can describe Winshuttle at an event, in the media, or at your cousin’s dinner party:


Winshuttle provides master data management and process automation software that enables enterprise organizations to go faster, be more agile, and improve the quality of their most important data—so they can compete and thrive in the digital world. The company’s no-code, low-code software is both flexible and extensible, empowering business and IT teams to drive results at scale. Winshuttle’s unwavering commitment to customer success and solving even their most complex data and process challenges makes it the trusted choice for leading companies worldwide.

Learn more about Winshuttle’s master data management (MDM), product information management (PIM), and SAP automation solutions at www.winshuttle.com.

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